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When you need licensed electricians Windham CT, you can rely on Bestway Electric LLC. Does your home need electricians for repair and electrical upgrades? Does your business need improvement and remodeling? As your best bet in Windham County, Bestway Electric LLC can handle new wiring, electrical upgrades, generator installation, remodeling and renovation work, commercial lighting and more.

Whether you need electrical repairs and remodeling or improvement and upgrades, the electricians at Bestway Electric LLC are trained and experienced in handling all types of electrical jobs professionally. When you choose the services of Bestway Electric LLC, you can rest assured that your electrical job will be done in the best possible way, with your satisfaction and perfectionism being the top priority. We service all of the eastern Connecticut areas and are fully licensed and insured.

Services Bestway Electric offers:

  • Layout, design, and installation of the electrical wiring throughout your residential or commercial property,
  • Replacement of electrical components including circuit breaker,
  • Correction of electrical code,
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting and fan installation for residential properties,
  • Installation and maintenance of commercial LED lighting,
  • Generator installation for commercial facilities, and
  • Emergency electrical services.

When you choose to work with electricians at Bestway Electric, you can look forward to 100% customer satisfaction backed by our service’s quality. With Bestway Electric at the task, you can rest assured that they are equipped to resolve all your electrical concerns in no time. We value our customers, so we ensure that our services are backed by 100% satisfaction of our customers. Call 860-942-2980 today.

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Electricians – Windham CT – Bestway Electric, LLC